Best 5 Android Email Client Apps for Android Users and Business People

Best Android Email Client Apps

In today’s lightning fast life, everyone wants to be ready for new challenges and fast algorithm that may reduce their work pressure. Although, it’s about corporate people of a common man that everyone is surrounded with the cyber world and smartphones, these innovative inventions really make it much simpler. So, here we come with a thought of collecting best android email client apps.

Today, I’m here to tell you about most exclusive Android email client apps which are currently shaking the android market due to their demands. I will clarify about these in deep. So, first of all we need to understand that what email clients are and for what purpose they are used to?

What is Android Email Client App?

I hope that everyone here is familiar about email that what are they and for what are they used to? So, I will directly come to the point and tell you that what is the client? In general terms, the client is used as a sender or who generates a query or any type information and receives data from its server. Then why we are using client here because I clarify here that this email system works upon client server mechanism so we can use email client. Here we receive mails and we arrange it, compose it and reuse it likewise a client.

Every Android smartphone is provided with a pre-installed email app but sometimes it’s not sufficient, we need some extra features so here we are with a list of email clients according to their popularity.

K9 Android Email Client App:

K9 Android Email Client App

From the day of beginning it’s the most appreciated and used email client app for Android smartphones as it comes with various flexible features which fulfil every user requirement. Currently, its new released version is k9 4.409 which is out with some new features and with a less bugs than older.

Latest user reports a slow display message bug but unfortunately it’s not fixed yet but a very new thing is added as in the account list “Recreate data” it will completely remove your old profile and message stored on your device not on the server and will create me a brand new user profile.
The previous features are at the same, some of new are-


  • Auto configuration for Fast Mail.
  • Few languages for translation are updated as like French, Korean, and Polish etc.
  • Tightened up the account display for narrow devices.
  • Slovak Translation.
  • Download Link

MailDroid Android Email Client App:

MailDroid Android Email Client App

Mail Droid comes in two forms i.e. Ad-supported and pro version , one the one side the ad-supported is totally free , pro will cost you $17.99 USD which looks too costly for a common user.

But if we look a market option for other mail client then I think that mail droid is raising day by day and it may be a good mail client as its multi service i.e. it combines various email accounts at one place and shows a combine results in the form of conversation which make it easy for searching any mail. Here the feature like the Rich Text option of MD is much smarter than k-9.

One thing, I noticed here that if it comes with a home screen widget which shows you notification on new arrived mail then it will surely a best mail client, currently its running on version 3.15. And one more problem related with “Invalid Package” is also being reviewed and it will be solved very soon.


  • IMAP idle push for all IMAP servers.
  • Microsoft Exchange 2003, 365.
  • Save mails directly to your SD card.
  • Also it’s the minimal android app even it uses white spaces in such a great manner.
  • Download Link

G-Mail Android Email Client App:

Gmail Android Email Client App

G-mail android email client app is an official app for interfacing with your Gmail account as it’s powered by Google. Its most used mail client as it’s powered by Google and more people believe in the name. Although the feature provided by it are good but it’s mainly suitable when you are a Gmail user and it says by its rating which is 4.3 out of 5.

Users are reporting many bugs related to its newer version, i.e. mail box errors and categories.


Yahoo Android Email Client App:

Yahoo Android Email Client App

Yahoo mail is getting older day by day as its popularity is going down but still it manage to acquire a suitable place with Android smartphone. There are some annoying icons that’s why I feel low while using it as the back arrow button is used for the reply instead of going back. But if you are a yahoo mail box user then you have to go with it as it’s made for them so it will be easy for them for using it.

There are some features for attracting users as like –


  • Ease in message access.
  • Easy in attaching photos while composing mail.
  • With newer version performance and stability is increased.
  • Download Link

Aqua Android Email Client App:

Aqua Android Email Client App

Aqua mail was the first android mail client app which provided the multiple mail services including Yahoo, Gmail and Hotmail. It’s also provided with a pro version which costs $4.95 There are some tremendous uses of its which make it popular and rated it 4.4 out of 5.

Here users can also use their own mail server which will need to be synced with this app. Its lack of user attraction is that with the free version you are limited to attach two accounts and a promotional signature is added to it which you can remove after upgrade to the pro version.


  • Connection with apple server.
  • Save attachments to SD card.
  • It supports Lotus Notes email server mainly for corporative peoples.
  • Download Link


On the behalf of a user, I would like to say that these mail clients are made for a specific area as Gmail client will work better with Gmail user, yahoo mail will work better with yahoo mail box users. So these are specific according to the ease of uses and requirements of users.

So, I will like to say that first of all install them one by one and use it as these are free so you don’t have to pay a single buck for it so just use them and take the best optimized with your field of use and if you get any problem on any email client, then feel free to comment below.

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